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Title Speaker Date
Wrong Thinking: The Imminent Threat pt 4 Bishop Nolan McCants February 7, 2016
Wrong Thinking: The Imminent Threat pt 3 Bishop Nolan McCants January 31, 2016
Wrong Thinking: The Imminent Threat pt 2 Bishop Nolan McCants January 24, 2016
Wrong Thinking: The Imminent Threat pt 1 Bishop Nolan McCants January 17, 2016
Add To Your Faith Bishop Nolan McCants January 10,2016
Repositioned For Purpose Bishop Nolan McCants January 03, 2016
The Nature and Characteristics of Sacrifice Bishop Nolan McCants December 27, 2015
The Advent Season Pastor Jeremy Jones December 20, 2015
All Things Work Together for Good Bishop Nolan McCants December 6, 2015
Reason To Boast Pastor Sunday Erebholo November 29, 2015
Kingdom Summit 2015 Reflections Harvest Church November 22, 2015
Adversity And The Anointing Pastor Richard Okorie November 15, 2015
Title Speaker Date
Moody Radio - iSMS with Bishop Nolan and Kirby Clements Bishop Nolan McCants / Archbishop Kirby Clements October 21, 2015
Moody Radio- So You Want To Be A Church Member Bishop Nolan McCants September 29, 2015
Moody Radio - Consumerism's Impact On The Church Bishop Nolan McCants September 14, 2015
Moody Radio - Crisis Of Community Bishop Nolan McCants August 31, 2015
Moody Radio - Go Make Disciples  Bishop Nolan McCants September 10, 2014
Moody Radio - Christian Superstitions  Bishop Nolan McCants  
iKA-Kingdom Summit USA 2015    


Speaker Date
Opening Address Bishop Nolan McCants / Archbishop Kirby Clements October 30, 2015
Black, White Or Grey? Archbishop Kirby Clements October 31, 2015
Promise Keepers - Reconciliation Or Conciliation Bishop Donn Thomas October 31, 2015
This Is A Man's World Or Is it (Sexism) Bishop Angela Acha-Morfaw October 31, 2015
Classism, The Scocial Schism Stephen A. Hall October 31, 2015
The Tribal Divide Pastor Sunday Erebholo October 31, 2015
Salvation (and how we got it wrong) Bishop Kenneth Myers November 01, 2015
Convergence of Nations Pastor Dan Rhoades November 01, 2015
Closing Remarks iKA Leaders November 01, 2015